Ioannis Koutsopetros & Co. General Partnership

Safety, Speed, Experience, Validity

Find all the necessary information regarding your customs clearance
This is an easy - quick - innovative way to monitor all customs clearance information of your products. Send us an email to in order to arrange a presentation.
The company was established in 2004 by Petros Koutsopetros, who has been successfully offering his services as a customs broker for over thirty years. He, along with his partners,has created a very reliable service, and has handled a substantial amount of business for major clients in the tobacco industry. Along with customs clearance and the pertinent documentation, the company also offers many value added services, including the transportation of goods to a convenient location.
Apart from offering a highly specialised and effective service, we also put a lot of effort into keeping our prices low and competitive. We try to relate to our client's needs and we take a very proactive approach in order to cultivate a mutually beneficial business relationship.
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